University of Miami Coach Jim Larranaga Credits Chris Bosh for Canes Success

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Chris Bosh appears to be a nice guy and very good player, but the 3rd wheel of any trio always gets the most slander. Just ask Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child.

Lil Wayne still hasn’t apologize for publicly saying he slept with his wife and others take shots frequently. If it bothers Bosh, he doesn’t let it show and his speech to the Canes according to their coach had a profound effect on the team.

“I asked [Bosh] if he would mind sharing that with the team. This was right after [the Heat] had lost in the world championship to Dallas. One day with the whole team in the weight room lifting, I asked him to say a few words. He started out with an emotional message. It was the best five-minute talk I’ve ever heard. He talked about how disappointed he was that he didn’t play better in Game 6 and how disappointed he was that they didn’t win the world championship and he didn’t want to live with that kind of regret and that he was killing himself during that offseason so that the Miami Heat could win the world championship.

“He said, ‘You guys don’t work hard enough. You don’t deserve the success you’d like to have. You can’t compete at the highest level of college basketball with the effort that you’re giving.’ It was just music to my ears because that was the message we were trying to deliver. Coming from Chris Bosh, it meant a whole lot to the team.”