DeAndre Jordan Takes Brandon Knight’s Soul With Alley-Oop Dunk (Video)


DeAndre Jordan Brandon Knight Dunk

Brandon Knight has a lot of heart, but sometimes the most prudent thing to do is retreat and run for cover.  Your heart is what gets you in trouble, your mind keeps you off a poster.  Normally, I don’t feel sorry for players when their cornbread gets taken, but you have to feel for Brandon Knight.

It was like a funeral when his teammates picked him up off the floor. His body was still there, but his spirit had moved on to another dimension. I hope his girlfriend wasn’t watching, because she is already on a flight to LA and waiting naked in DeAndre Jordan’s bed.

I will pray for you Young Brandon, because you are going to need it. By tomorrow morning, you are going to be famous, for all the wrong reasons.

DeAndre Jordan Brandon Knight 2


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