Dez Bryant’s Girlfriend Briana (Photos)


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She is a pretty young lady.  Does some modeling and is currently in school, you know same old, same old.  Anyone who can steady Dez Bryant’s personal life should be seen as an asset by the Cowboys.

Dez says he is done slapping people like his mother around and has turned over a new leaf.

We will see, people can change, but normally at their core they are the same.  We wish him and Briana the best though.

Dez Bryant Girlfriend

Don’t know if it means anything, but Dez tweeted this after her Tweet, but then decided it would be best if he deleted it.  Guess he didn’t want to mess up potential DM pimping.

Dez Bryant Tweet


3 thoughts on “Dez Bryant’s Girlfriend Briana (Photos)

  • He better have a good reason for deleting his post or the young lady may be pissed……

  • They say never date a man who disrespects their mother. His mother wasnt a crackhead or beat him down. I agree. Hopefully she wont be slapped next, but I wouldnt be suprised.

  • idk y rising star athletes does this kind of behavior as an ASIAN WOMEN we are all about RESPECT & FAMILY VALUES & MORALS we are very much FAMILY ORIENTED commited to family life..Any DISREPECT for of ASIAN decent would not tolerate this kind of behavior! I notice alot of BLACK MEN thinks its okay idk if its a CULTURE UPBRINGING but this kind of BEHAVIOR is totally UNACCEPTABLE!

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