ESPN Suspended Bill Simmons For Saying 1st Take is an Embarrassment

bill simmons rips skip bayless

Even Bill Simmons can’t take down Skip Bayless.

You speak badly about Bayless and 1st Take, you are forced to go sit in the corner, with your back to the class. Deadspin as usual has the details.

ESPN has suspended Simmons from Twitter for a few days after he called the Skip Bayless-Richard Sherman First Take meltdown last week awful and embarrassing. An ESPN source told me that the tweets violated ESPN’s social media guidelines; Simmons was told to lie low for a few days. He hasn’t tweeted since Tuesday, and he’ll apparently be allowed to return to Twitter tomorrow, making it a three-day hiatus. An ESPN spokesman declined comment, and Simmons didn’t respond to an email.

Nothing like getting suspended for telling the truth.  1st Take is awful and embarrassing, but so is Love and Hip Hop.  What do those two shows have in common?


People say they hate the shows, but they watch them religiously, so ESPN is not going to let anyone, including Bill Simmons kill their Golden Trainwreck Goose.

The only way things will change is if you don’t watch.  That is why it didn’t matter what Richard Sherman said, Skip Bayless was going to win.  Sherman was on Bayless’ show, giving Bayless buzz and most importantly, giving Bayless the ratings that makes him possibly. the most untouchable personality at ESPN.

Don’t blame the supplier, blame the user.

You created Skip Bayless and 1st Take, now you have to deal with them.

Embrace the debate…..