Josh Smith Says It’s Difficult Playing in Atlanta Because It’s Worst Sports Town in USA


Josh Smith doesn’t have to worry about playing in Atlanta much longer, since he is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

It appears, he is already lining up his excuse of why he is leaving. Instead of saying he just wants to go, he wants you to know it has been very difficult for him to play for such a timid fan base.

“It is a little difficult (playing in Atlanta),’ said Smith, an Atlanta native. ‘Last year like I was telling everybody, we were ranked No. 1 worst sports town in the United States.

Smith used Oklahoma City as an example of a team ‘bringing global attractions to a small city. …But you have to have those big names like the Kevin Durant’s and Russell Westbrook’s.’”

Atlanta isn’t a small city, but it won’t matter in a few months, because Smith can go to whatever big city he likes.