Lakers Robert Sacre Has Huge Snoop Dogg Tattoo On His Torso (Photo)


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Nothing quite says ‘Welcome to LA’ like a gigantic Snoop Dogg tattoo across your torso.

Lakers backup center Robert Sacre is in his rookie season in the city of Angels and has finally found some way of getting his name out there–this¬†bizarrely¬†brilliant tattoo.

Slam Online’s Marcel Mutoni tweeted out the picture of Sacre eagerly displaying his ink, which also featured DMX.

If Sacre’s not gonna get recognition for what he’s done on the court, I guess this route is just as effective.

Carry on.


  1. Do people think about what happens when they get older when they get tattoos….we are not gonna stay young forever…..having to explain to your grandkids about your old wrinkly tatts

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