Michael Jordan Makes Wedding Guests Take A Vow Of Silence

black sports online michael jordan makes guest vow of silence wedding

Michael Jordan is set to tie the knot with his model fiance, Yvette Prieto on April 27th, and has already wasted no time in going the extra mile to keep the wedding top secret.

Those who were sent invitations to the Jordan-Prieto nuptials were also sent very specific instructions to keep the ceremony secret. As reported by the Suntimes guests were told to not to divulge any details or go to the press. To make things even more tight-lipped guests are also told to leave all cameras and cell phones at home before coming.

As if it needs saying, Jordan has made Prieto sign an iron clad prenuptial agreement which will set her up with $1 million for every year they remain married and $5 million every year if the marriage lasts 10 years.

Can’t blame MJ, who’s been taken to the cleaners before and is seemingly put in the news everyday by some woman claiming to be carrying his baby.