Michigan RB Whose Soul Was Taken By Clowney, Now Selling Autographed Photos

vincent-smith-clowney-autograph-1 (1)

Former Michigan running back Vincent Smith is a running celebration everyday on ESPN thanks to their best of the best segment.  Smith is now the most famous victim in sports thanks to the Outback Bowl destruction at the hands of Jadeveon Clowney.

Smith was asked about the hit in late January, and stated that he need to move on from it.

“You’ve got to get it out of your head because I’m going to bounce back and turn it into a positive,” Smith said. “I saw it later on ESPN and yeah, he got me. And I forgot about it.”

Smith is moving on from it, and making a little change off of it according to Busted Coverage.  Smith who no longer has eligibility is now profiting off that destructive hit from Clowney via autograph signings of photos of the hit.

Vincent was recently spotted at a Kiosk in Toledo, Ohio signing autographed photos of the hit for $60 a pop.  Maumee, OH sports memorabilia store Hall of Framers is now selling a framed autographed copy of the hit.

Since Smith has moved on from the hit, I’m sure he won’t mind us watching it one more time.

vincent-smith-clowney-autograph-1 (1)