Pamela Smith Was Likely Lying About Michael Jordan Being Her Son’s Father

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There was one thing, that Michael Jordan’s lawyer said. that in the whole grand scheme of things didn’t make a lot of sense, but now it does.

He said, that this case was handled before and paternity was settled. If that was true, it would explain why Oral Sex teacher Pamela Smith hadn’t mentioned it for 16 years, but it wouldn’t make much sense to bring a case to court now.

Unless she knew, she could never never win the case, but just wanted the attention. Pay close attention to what her lawyer says in this statement of why she dismissed the case.

“Ex-Girlfriend of Michael Jordan, Ms. Pamela Smith authorized a dismissal of the current suit against Mr. Jordan. She began this case without an attorney, did her best to file what she believed to be a legally appropriate case. She then hired our firm. Our firm reviewed the legal posture of the case, the history of the case, the filed pleadings and the relevant law. Ms. Smith has relied on our advice, has carefully considered the pro’s and cons of continuing the case and has determined that dismissal at this time, without prejudice, is what is in her son’s best interests.”

I asked a lawyer friend of mine, to cut through the legal jargon and tell me what this means and his exact quote was.

“It was a case they knew they couldn’t win and wouldn’t put their reputation on the line for it.”

What that says to me, is that when they looked back through the history of the case, they saw that paternity had already been set and Jordan was proven not to be the father.

If this is the case, Pamela Smith is a horrible person and karma will catch up to her.

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  • When Jordan’s lawyer released their statement that’s what stood out to me is the fact that they claimed paternity was already settled. Ms Smith just wanted attention in my opinion.

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