T-Wolves Harlem Shake Video Trolls The Miami Heat in a Comical Way (Video)


Timberwolves Harlem Shake

I have to admit I laughed.

This might be the most press the T-Wolves get all year, but I find it funny. The Miami Heat without a shadow of the doubt the Evil Empire of the NBA, that is what makes them so compelling.

You know all the teams hate them, but can’t do anything to stop them besides doing Spoof Harlem Shake videos. They should have edited in some JJ Barea and Ray Allen footage from last night.


  1. That couldn’t have been J.J. Barea dressed as LeBron. J.J.’s too much of a pussy to actually TAKE a hit. He’s good at committing hard fouls, then hiding behind a crowd of teammates, and calling someone a pussy AFTER he is ejected so he can cower in the comfort and security of the locker room.

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