Wes Welker To Test Free Agency


The million question is how much of Welker’s success is based of him and how much of it is based off Tom Brady. I don’t care how great of a Wide Receiver you are, it helps having a Hall of Fame quarterback throwing you the ball, but I think people aski underrate Welker’s talent.

He isn’t a perfect fit for every team, but there are several teams I think he would fit in nicely with.

49ers, Panthers, Falcons and Redskins are a few that come to mind. He still may re-sign with the Patriots, but according to reports he is going to see what is out there for him.

I think he lands a decent deal somewhere and still be productive.

One thought on “Wes Welker To Test Free Agency

  • He’s a perfect fit for he Pats but they shouldn’t have played hardball with him.

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