Draft Prospects in Trouble For Leaving Scattered Feces in NFL Combine Hotel Room

Gay NFL Player

All NFL Draft prospects have to do, is not get into any trouble in the months leading up to the draft. Don’t do anything stupid, don’t smoke weed, don’t get busted for DUI, don’t smack anyone around, don’t Tweet dumb stuff (yes I am talking to you Honey Badger) and lastly, don’t do this to your room at the NFL Combine via Kissy Suzy Kolber.

National Football Scouting president Jeff Foster, who runs the NFL scouting combine, confirmed that a hotel room was left trashed during the February 2013 event in Indianapolis. However, Foster refused to identify the two players who shared the room for three nights, though sources have indicated that one of the two prospects is a potential first-round pick in next week’s NFL draft.

Foster said nothing was broken in the room, but the bathroom was in such bad shape that a manager from the Crowne Plaza where the players stayed took pictures and relayed them to him.

The crude behavior included urine and feces scattered about the bathroom, toothpaste on the mirror and garbage strewn about the room. Among the garbage was partially eaten food left on one of the beds. The players to whom the room was registered have denied their involvement to NFL team representatives who have questioned them at their respective pro days, according to Foster and other sources close to the situation.

Playing sports isn’t just a physical thing, it is also about maturity and being ready to handle a professional lifestyle.

If you can’t control yourself at something like the combine, why would a team think you can control yourself in a professional environment?

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