Geno Smith Goes Home and Will Not Return to NYC for 2nd Day of Draft

Geno Smith Struggle Face

When Geno Smith Tweeted this I thought it was a bad idea.

The reason being, it wasn’t the first time Geno has snapped a bit at his critics. Some of his critics were over the top in their assessments, but others were fair critiques.

You have to have thick skin to be a quarterback in the NFL and can’t be overly sensitive. After not being drafted in the 1st round of the NFL Draft, Geno has decided to take his ball and go home.

I can only hope this fuels Geno to become the best QB he can be. But, he can’t worry about the critics or where he eventually gets drafted, if you can play you will play.

Ask Russell Wilson does he care where he was drafted now?


After having some time to think about it and making the proper changes to his hotel and flight information for his family has decided to stay in NYC and attend 2nd round.

16 thoughts on “Geno Smith Goes Home and Will Not Return to NYC for 2nd Day of Draft

  • Russel Wilson cares now because he is stuck with shitty rookie contract

    • Yes, Russell Wilson cares very much his draft position is costing him millions of dollars.

      • And when his contract is up…He’ll make it all back with the next one…if he plays at his current level

      • Yes, he does care and yes, it does matter. He has to play good for the next two seasons at least to get the next “max” contract.

  • I understand that chip on his shoulder. The critics while in some peoples opinion are fair, are complete and total asses. They make assumptions as to the physical make up of what it takes and by standards set by quarterbacks around the nation who play the game and are successful. Even in those standards they are wrong. Gotta feel bad for the kid. He is still a kid and those critics are nothing but naysayers and any asshole can be a hater and that’s exactly what they do and that’s exactly who they are.

    • Well said.

    • well put..they don’t realize that they’re potentially destroying someone ese’s career in the process of their “critiques”

      • “Overrated”

  • Geno I see this as “(delayed gratification)” use this as inspiration. It will only be a stumbling block for you if you make it one.

  • This is probably why he wasn’t drafted in the 1st round. What an immature whiner. Suck it up, stick it out, show em what you’re made of. Don’t run home to Mommie.

    • Stick to ping pong Tong….

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

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