Kevin Durant Says He’s Tired of Coming in 2nd Place

Kevin Durant second

Anytime you are mentioned in the same breath as Larry Bird, you are great. Kevin Durant is a great player and one of the few SUPERstars of the league.

He has a problem though and that problem is named LeBron James.

LeBron has hit his prime and has a perfect team behind him to go on a run of championships. Only one person can stop him and that’s KD.

It is easier said than done though and just like with Wilt and Russell or Bird and Magic, in the end those rings no matter how you get them is what sets two great players apart.

The good news is KD seems to understand this and the critics have been very quiet. They were also quiet when LeBron lost his first Finals to the Spurs. It will only last for so long, no matter how nice of a guy Durant appears to be.

He is going to get more chances, but in the immortal words of Jay-Z, he doesn’t want to check his own video and always be #2.

One thought on “Kevin Durant Says He’s Tired of Coming in 2nd Place

  • if he is tired of coming in second maybe that means he is not reaching the finals this year because that is the best he is going to do this year

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