Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Celebrate 12 Year Wedding Anniversary (Photos)


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Hard to believe it has been 12 years.

Hard to believe considering everything that has happened in those 12 years, they are still together.  My theory is once you go through so much with one person, regardless of the situation, they become indispensable to you.

Who knows you better than they do?

I think Kobe and Vanessa came to that conclusion while they were considering divorce.  Regardless of how they got to together or the circumstances of their marriage, they were just made for each other.

At least until she comes after him with a 9 Iron or something.  Here is what Bean had to say about Vanessa on Instagram.

Kobe Vanessa Bryant

2 thoughts on “Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Celebrate 12 Year Wedding Anniversary (Photos)

  • Kobe got the wake up call twice! If he wasn’t one of the best basketball players in the world, Kobe would be in prison right now!

  • Good for Kobe..he gets to keep his family and his money…..

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