Oral Sex Teacher Plans to Refile Paternity Suit Against Michael Jordan, One Problem Though


Pamela Evette Smith 2

Pamela Smith had to abruptly drop her paternity suit against Michael Jordan. We broke down all the reasons, that Smith was a fraud and was trying to extort Jordan a few weeks ago.

TMZ found out the legal technicality, that forced Smith to drop the case. She had already declared, on a birth certificate that Taj Jordan was actually her Ex-Husband’s son not Michael Jordan’s kid.

That made her lawsuit null and void, but she is taking steps to get her ex-husband name off the birth certificate, so she can refile her lawsuit against Jordan.

At this point she appears desperate and pathetic. Just give it up, you have been exposed as a fraud, don’t compound the issue.


  1. This incident is one of several reasons why professional athletes need to stay away from groupies!

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