Phillies Jonathon Papelbon: “Obama Wants to Take our Guns From Us”

Jonathan Papelbon


After yesterday’s tragic bombing during the Boston Marathon, a lot of Americans are on edge and rightfully so.

One person who has definitely felt the impact of the tragic event from afar, is former Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, who used to lived in an apartment directly above one of the sites where the bombings took place.

And according to USA Today Sports, the Philadelphia Phillies pitcher spoke to CSN Philadelphia about his fears as an athlete, while also mentioning the issue of gun control with regards to President Barack Obama.

“We walked through the crowd here on opening day and in Boston, we came down through the bleachers one opening day. I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

“Today’s day and age, has gotten so crazy. Shoot man, Obama wants to take our guns from us and everything. You got all this stuff going on, it’s just a little bit insane for me, man. I’m not sure how to take it.”

It’s unusually for athletes to go public with their political beliefs or thoughts, simply because the potential backlash isn’t worth it, but Papelbon is a quirky dude who speaks his mind and it’s his right to do so.