Capital One Suing Pilar Sanders For Non-Payment of $6k Credit Card Bill



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Believe it or not, Pilar and Deion are still technically married.  While Deion has moved on with Tracey Edmonds, Pilar after losing a few court battles (child support, prenuptial agreement and child custody) to Deion is still trying to get things together.

Capital One doesn’t care about any of that, they just want the $6,160.25 that Pilar allegedly owes them according to TMZ.  Pilar appears to be moving into the fitness video business, which if she dived in completely, could be very profitable.  There have also been unconfirmed rumors that she is dating one of the owners of Cash Money.

Either way, she should be able to handle a $6k credit card bill.

Pilar Sanders New Year eve


  1. Pilar may be attractive but she is damaged goods. This former rap video girl is angry because she lost her battle against Primetime. Now she is so broke, she can’t pay her credit card bill. Message to all athletes, if you choose to save this hoe, you will ask yourself what’s in your wallet; and the answer will be nothing!

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