Derrick Rose Says He “Might” Play Against The Heat


Derrick Rose The Return

Derrick Rose is free to come back when he thinks he is ready, but he isn’t helping his public perception with these mysterious maybe I will, maybe I won’t quotes.

Here is his latest round of comments on if he will come like Jordan wearing the 45.

“Still in the air. I might have a chance,” Rose said Monday morning the Bulls shootaround, about nine hours before Game 1 of Chicago’s Eastern Conference semifinals series against the Miami Heat.

The Bulls have been very resilient and tough-minded team even with Rose out, but they are certainly overmatched against the Heat.

They are going to need Rose to be either all in or all out, so he doesn’t become a distraction for the series. He should just announce he isn’t coming back, because mentally he simply isn’t ready to do nothing, except jump really high on the bench.


  1. I was paying CLOSE ATTENTION to him on the bench and He was walking with a Slight LIMP Though… Soooo He’s talking NONSENSE TO ME But I do wonder if the Bulls Brass is making him say THESE THINGS (YUPPP…)

  2. He needs to take his time and stop listening to the fans and the media. He knows his body better than we do. No sense in risking injury again.

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