JaMarcus Russell Down to 265; Waiting on NFL Team to Call

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The chances of a comeback are still very slim, but at least JaMarcus is making an effort, he was well over 300 pounds when he decided he wanted to get back in the NFL.

According to this latest report, he has dropped 50 pounds so far.

The latest report comes from NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, who passes along word Russell is down 50 pounds to 265 pounds. That should help to satisfy NFL teams that reportedly wanted Russell to drop more pounds.

Russell’s work to get back in shape and return to the NFL is laudable, but we still can’t imagine any NFL team taking a shot at him. This league is all about second chances, but Russell might have permanently ruined all interest during his first tour of duty with the Oakland Raiders. No amount of weight loss can cover that up.

I tend to agree, unless someone gets really desperate, Russell is probably the last name on a very long list of available quarterbacks.

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  • In this photo, JaMarcus Russell looks like a homeless old man!

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