Jon Jones Thinks He’d Be Competitive Boxing Against Floyd Mayweather (Video)

Jon Jones

Jon Jones is 6’4″ 205 pounds and Floyd Mayweather is 5’8″ 147 pounds, so the logistics of a boxing match wouldn’t work.  It would be like Mayweather fighting in the heavyweight division.

From my experience boxers wouldn’t do well in MMA and MMA fighters wouldn’t do well in boxing. They are both fighting sports, but totally different when you really think about it.

Here is what Jones had to say about Mayweather.

4 thoughts on “Jon Jones Thinks He’d Be Competitive Boxing Against Floyd Mayweather (Video)

  • What you said about boxers not doing well is false.Boxer have got inside the ring but we have yet to see a wrestler put on them gloves.I see it like this most of the knock out in MMA come from strikes(punches).All the current fighter have striking ability(punches).In other words lets give a boxer those gloves that the MMA guys wear and they allow them to strike(punch).I promise someone will die in that ring.All i can say is please dana white “let nick fury in the octogon” so i can prove my point.LMAO!

    • dont know if your joking.
      quite a few mma guys have boxed and done ok and every boxer has been taken down very easily and destroyed. plus their are a lot of good K1 fighters in mma.
      do you really think Fury would do well?
      either i have read it wrong or your nuts if you think he would beat any top 10 guy in mma!

  • Rogan said it best when he said ” Boxing is a sport in itself , MMA is a sport of fighting, get it? FIGHTING boxing is the sport of LET ME SAY IT AGAIN “BOXING” while mma FIGHTERS are fighters boxing is very difficult but in a street fight who wins when someone who has been grappling for years get ahold of someone who dosnt know anything? That person gets hurt sry bro but if you have ever rolled u would know the strength of these guys. P.S AHAHAHAHAHAHA TYSON FURY? Yes dana plz let him fight cain ahahahaha plz

  • Plus boxer vs wrestler i put my money on the Wrestler anyday , Not that its easy to fake a standup game but its alot more possible then faking the intensity of amateur wrestlers , as soon as the fight hit the ground wich it would 98/100 times, Sure the striker always has a punchers chance but… On another note haha put a k-1 striker in with mayweather it would be night night 2-3 kicks to the legs he would be out. I respect it all they are all just different sports all in there own

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