Manti Teo Got Invited to a Maxim Party Because of his Fake GF (Photos)

Things are finally starting to turn around for Manti Teo.

The constant public ridicule he was subjected to a few months ago has died down significantly, he got drafted into a fairly decent situation with the San Diego Chargers, and his fake girlfriend, once a beacon for personal shame, is getting him invites to parties in Hollywood according to the Sports Grid.

Manti Teo

The Chargers linebacker made an appearance the Maxim 100 party at Hollywood’s Create nightclub in support of his “girlfriend” who was no. 69 on the list, and he got to hang out with hot women like Melanie Collins of Yahoo Sports (above & in the gallery), model Courtney Caldwell and professional beach volleyball player Jess Gysin (below).

I would say Teo has bounced back quite nicely.



4 thoughts on “Manti Teo Got Invited to a Maxim Party Because of his Fake GF (Photos)

  • Then after the party he headed over to Santa Monica Blvd to be more comfortable.

  • After the party he took one of the blonde chicks home to have a 3-sum with his fake girlfriend…lol

  • At least now he’ll have more than enough money to pay multiple women to be his beard.

  • Dude was never really down, but the media, you guys, would have preferred if he was. He’ll be fine.

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