Mario Williams Ex-Fiancee Says She’s Not Gold Digger But Not Giving $785k Ring Back

Mario Williams Erin Marzouki

Mario Williams is suing to get his engagement ring back from his ex-fiancee Erin Marzouki. Williams says that she only dated him for his money and since she broke off the engagement, he wants the ring back (there is some legal precedence for this).

He claims that over a year time period he lavished her with over a million dollars in cash and gifts. Not surprisingly Ms. Marzouki and her attorneys have a different story.

Marzouki filed a counter-suit on Monday, calling Williams’ claims “ridiculous” and “patently false,” and accused Williams of breaking off the engagement.

Marzouki said, Williams made it “abundantly clear in writing” that he wanted her to keep the ring after their last of many breakups in December. And, she said, Williams also communicated his wishes in text messages to her father and brother.

In accepting the ring, Marzouki said she warned Williams she never would again return the ring regardless of what happened.

Marzouki denied taking off with the ring or having any intention of selling it. She said it is being kept in a safety deposit box.

As for the credit card charges, Marzouki said much of that was spent on furnishing and decorating Williams’ homes in Buffalo and Houston.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Williams probably was wishy-washy about getting married and Ms. Marzouki probably spent his money pretty freely.

Just give him the ring back, she says it is in a safety deposit box, what is the point of keeping it if you have no intentions of being with this man again or selling it?

Save yourself the legal fees.