Paulie Malignaggi & Adrien Broner Engage in Humorous Press Conference (Video)

Broner Paulie M

During the MAY DAY weekend Broner vs. Malignaggi was officially announced in Vegas. I have been to a few boxing press conferences and they can get a little heated at times, but this particular one was even more over the top.

This is the edited version and I have to give the editor credit, because there was a lot of vulgarity and harsh language. Funniest part was when Broner allegedly had Paulie’s ex on speakerphone saying how Paulie was no Serge Ibaka.

As far as the fight it is pretty simple. We know Paulie has no power, but Broner is coming up two weight classes, so we don’t know how his power will travel.

It is an intriguing fight with two intriguing characters, I will be in attendance breaking it down for you on June 22nd at the Barclays.