Pilar Sanders Duped By Man Impersonating NFL Players & Money Team Boxers (Photos)


Pilar Sanders 3

You remember Sandro Duval he is the guy who pretends to be athletes, steals photos on instagram and now according to Baller Alert says he is boxing with the Money Team (that’s false as well).

He has been arrested several times, but once a con man. always a con man.

The latest person he has fooled is Pilar Sanders, look at these screenshots from Full Court Pumps.


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How are you going to steal a man puppy photos and passed them off as your own?  Duval has some sort of mental problem, but hopefully Pilar wasn’t sucked into the con too deeply.  After she reads this, I am sure those instagram comments will disappear.

Catfishing is alive and well in 2013.


  1. That is what she gets! She is an old gold digger trying to play the hustler’s game. She got played! It’s that simple. I don’t feel sorry for her. Pilar should calm down and get a normal nine to five. I hear Motel 6 needs house keepers ASAP!

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