Redskins Fans Go a Little Overboard Buying RG3 Wedding Gifts (Photo)


RG3  Rebecca Liddicoat

When RG3’s gift registry for his wedding to Rebecca Liddicoat was leaked by us and others, I figured fans would get him a few gifts here and there, I didn’t know this would happen.

Bed Bath & Beyond must be ecstatic about the amount of business they are getting. They should give RG3 a lifetime gift card.

It is good to see how strongly the Redskins fans support their quarterback. I would imagine RG3 will give some of this stuff away, since there are only so many mittens a man can have.


  1. Lovelt couple! I am glad that the fans really give gifts for them. It i sjust simply mean that many people really love to the extent that they havethis very many gifts from the fans. -

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