Report: Tim Duncan Hired PI to Follow His Cheating Wife

Amy Duncan Cheated

Normally, when we talk about athlete divorces and cheating it is usually the athlete that is doing the cheating. It would be naive to think that the wives and girlfriends don’t cheat as well. Tim Duncan had reason to believe his wife Amy to be stepping out on him, so he did the prudent thing.

He hired a private investigator to get the evidence.

The San Antonio Express is reporting that ten-time All-NBA forward Tim Duncan had concerns about his marriage as long as a year ago and hired a private investigator to tail his wife of twelve years.

New details into Duncan’s pending divorce from wife Amy are emerging, including such revelations as Amy Duncan moved out of the family home several weeks ago, The Express also reported.

Just the society we live in now, most marriages fail and many people are cheating, so you can’t be surprised. No one this seems to have had any effect on Duncan on the court, which also isn’t surprising.

As far as who Amy Duncan cheated with, there are a lot of rumors, but who it was doesn’t really matter (unless it was Tony Parker), the fact is after 12 years, she fundamentally wanted something different.

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  • Damn Texas got a lot of cheaters

  • Let me be grammatically correct as possible,since we have english teachers on this site.If she wonted something new after 12 years.
    She could have atleast told him.The fact that he hired a P.I. to investagte is sad.12 years of marriage and you can not tell your spouse you wont to leave.

    • *wanted

  • He has a prenuptial agreement which is good.

    • a prenup is good for a period of time, so hopefully he has a prenup which lasts more than 10 years. if he had one for a 10 year period and did not make her re-sign for another 10 years, he is going to cry a river…

      • prenups are void if there is proof she is cheating, she won’t get shit. however if he cheated shed get half.

  • If it was Tim screwing around you would all be vilifying him since it her there will be nothing bad said about her behavior,they will try to make it seem what she did is ok and only how much money she gets out of this

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