RG3’s Dad Wants Him to Throw More, Run Less


No matter how great of an athlete you are, to be a winning quarterback in the NFL, you have to be able to set your feet and throw accurately from the pocket.

If you can run that’s a bonus an added dimension, but in the end your arm is the most important weapon you have. All of these young QBs that are in the league have some mobility, but are all excellent passers. That shouldn’t be overlooked because of their ability to run.

I believe the Redskins know they have to cut down a bit on the design runs for RG3. He just isn’t big enough of a guy to take that type of pounding consistently, so his father is probably just preaching to the choir.

“I just know that based on what I know Robert can do, he doesn’t have to be a runner as much as I saw last year,” Griffin Jr. told the newspaper. “To me, you’re paying these [receivers] a lot of money to catch the football. I’m his dad — I want him throwing that football, a lot. A lot.”

“I think for [Griffin III], he likes some of the things that they do. And he feels any area where he had a concern, he addressed it. And I think [the Shanahans] have concerns, too. We want to have a united community,” he told the newspaper. “That first year everybody was just, ‘Wow.’ And now we have to look at sustainment. It can’t be a ‘Wow’ again.”

I think RG3 is going to be ready for Week 1, but I am not concerned about a sophomore slump. What I was most impressed with his rookie year was his passing skills, not his running skills. That is what is going to keep him at a high level for years to come, if he can stay healthy.