Tyrann Mathieu Asks 17 Year Old When She’s Turning 18; Twitter DM Pimpin (Photo)

Sydni Paige Russell Tyrann Mathieu 6

Tyrann Mathieu’s girlfriend (pictured above) says she was confident her man would never cheat on her. This is why a lot of people think women are naive.

As long as a man has options, he is going to go the JR Smith route (Get Chicks or Die Trying).

Honey Badger Tweets 1

My man Honey Badger hit her with the A/S/L from the Yahoo Chat days. Glass half full, Honey Badger is smart enough to know any interaction with a 17-year-old is bad news, but when she turns 18, then maybe she can get the pipe. The young lady for her part doesn’t know what the big deal is.


Tyrann Mathieu alexis

My only issue with Alexis rant is it wouldn’t have been any deal at all if she hadn’t release the screenshot. Granted she is 17 and maybe she had no clue that people might take it and run with, but still stop screenshotting DMs and Texts.

Honey Badger didn’t do anything wrong, just more humorous than anything else, I am also laughing at his girlfriend. At least he didn’t pull a Ray Allen, so that is all that matters.

13 thoughts on “Tyrann Mathieu Asks 17 Year Old When She’s Turning 18; Twitter DM Pimpin (Photo)

  • damn these hos start young

  • Again? lol

  • This guy is skating on thin ice and he does something this stupid? The majority of the league wants this guy to fail and the cops can’t wait to arrest another black athlete. Samed story, different black athlete. When are we going to learn?

  • C’mon man…leave the 17 & 18 y/o alone…..as a matter of fact leave the twitter hoes alone……

  • if the field got grass …LET’S PLAY!

    • Yeah, keep on thinking that way,Clyde, and soon it’s gonna be your yard that’s getting mowed.

      • Classic reply Jack – comment of the month!

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