Aaron Hernandez was in High-Speed Chase With Guy he Shot in the eye

Aaron Hernandez Face


With every passing day, it seems new details giving insight into the life of Aaron Hernandez are surfacing, and it’s pretty much all negative. Hard to believe he was involved in all this stuff and it’s now becoming public.

According to a story via The Big Lead, the former New England Patriots tight end, was involved in a high-speed chase with the Alexander Bradley, the same man he alleged shot in the eye.

On the weekend between the AFC Championship Game (which New England lost to Baltimore) and the Super Bowl, Aaron Hernandez appeared on a police report with Alexander Bradley after a high speed chase. According to the police report, a Black Yukon SUV was stopped on a highway at 2:20 a.m. when a trooper pulled up, and the vehicle took off swerving violently. The chase down I-93 reached 105 miles per hour before the vehicle was finally pulled over.

Bradley, the man who was later allegedly shot in the eye by Hernandez, was the driver, and Hernandez was in the passenger seat. When the officer approached the vehicle, Hernandez reportedly yelled out, “Trooper, I’m Aaron Hernandez — it’s OK.”

That last comment by Hernandez combined with his apathetic demeanor and facial expressions in court, tells me that this is a guy who thinks he’s above reproach. I’m guessing he doesn’t feel that way anymore.