Antonio Cromartie Advises Players on How Not To Have 10 Kids & Blow Money


The best teachers are the ones who have lived through it. If there is anyone who has live through being irresponsible during their first few years in the NFL it is Antonio Cromartie.

He is trying to spread that knowledge to younger players in the NFL.

I want to help others learn from what I did wrong,” Cromartie told Bob Glauber ofNewsday, in an eye-opening look at how he’s turned his financial ship around. “I tell the young guys, ‘Don’t spend any money the first year and a half of your career.

“You don’t know what will happen after that. You might be released. You might be hurt. Just save your money.”

Cromartie admits he blew through $5 million his first two years in the league, on the usual suspects (cars, jewelry, friends with their hands out).

He sort of ignores the 10 kids, by 8 women, but I guess players should know that isn’t advisable.  Cromartie now employs a financial adviser and drives a Prius (they are getting a lot of free pub lately).

According to Cromartie’s financial adviser his money is being invested wisely to the point he and all 10 kids can live comfortable until Cromartie is 100 (I doubt that, but let’s hope it is true).

I have  it on good authority that Cromartie has gotten snipped, so he doesn’t have to worry about any more kids.

2 thoughts on “Antonio Cromartie Advises Players on How Not To Have 10 Kids & Blow Money

  • Many of these black pro athletes think they’re invincible. They believe that the Antoine Walker situation won’t happen to them. Guess what? It will if you don’t invest money wisely. They will make the same mistakes as Mike Tyson, Terrell owens and Antonio Cromarte because they won’t listen. Same story, different athletes!

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