Chad Johnson Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail, After Slapping Lawyer’s Butt in Court

Chad Johnson Sex Tape 2

The lesson to be learned here is don’t slap your Laywer’s ass in court. Everything was going well for Chad Johnson, it appeared he wasn’t going to spend any time in jail for his probation violation.

Then a spur of the moment decision changed everything.

When the Judge (who doesn’t like Chad at all) asked him if his lawyer was doing a satisfactory job, Chad playfully slapped his male lawyer on the ass.

That caused the Judge to lose her temper and kick Chad out of the courtroom.  When he returned he was sentenced to 30 days in jail fo rprobation violation.

I can see it both ways, the judge overreacting and Chad during an incredibly juvenile thing at the wrong time.  But the video suggest the judge overrated since she was the one who told Chad to commend his lawyer. However you see it, what is done is done.  Chad was taking away in handcuffs and arrested on the spot.

Here is the video of Chad’s slapping his Lawyer’s ass.

5 thoughts on “Chad Johnson Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail, After Slapping Lawyer’s Butt in Court

  • LOL!!!

  • His childish antics, crave for attention and need to entertain every1 at the wrong time is the reason he is out of a job and in the courtrooms. Its frustrated when someone does not recognize why they are where they are so I understand her frustration. He still does not get it and maybe 30 days in jail will help him take things a little more serious. Its a time and place for everything and clearly does not know better!

  • Total Bull-Shyt… How is Chad suppose to CONTROL OTHERS REACTION IN COURT Though O_o He SHOULD SUE HER!!!!!

  • I hate power trippin, up tight, control freaks.. seemed to me like the judge took it personal and made a decision based on emotion rather than “justice”

  • smh ratched nigga lol. in court? a black man acting a fool in court. smh smh smh

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