Donovan McNabb Wants To Have Father-Son Talk With RG3

Donovan McNabb

This happens a lot.

An old retire player sees himself in a younger player. He thinks he is trying to help, but in reality he isn’t talking to the younger player, he is talking to the younger version of himself. Because he is upset about some of the things that went on in his career, he is projecting that anger and bitterness on the younger player.

There is also some jealousy that arises when the younger player is getting more love from fans and media than the older player ever did. That is what is going on with Donovan McNabb when he speaks about RG3.

“His dad should have never done a one-on-one interview like that,” McNabb told Wise. “You can’t say what he said because it almost undermines his son, who has to answer all the questions about it later. Now, we all know what he said was right. But that’s something you voice behind closed doors because otherwise it creates a wedge that didn’t have to be there. No team needs those kinds of things hovering over them.”

So McNabb has offered assistance to Griffin III. And Griffin II.

“I would really like for me and my dad to sit down with he and his dad just to tell them what we went through and talk about our experiences,” McNabb said.

McNabb tried to reach out to Griffin last year, but McNabb never heard from him. In contrast, McNabb has spoken to Russsell Wilson “many times,” because as McNabb explained it, “I know what it’s like to be young, good and have the world looking at you.”

Of course, by taking his criticism of Griffin III public, the phone now may never ring. Especially given McNabb’s views on the Bed, Bath & Beyond wedding-gift controversy.

“When that happens, it just looks like rich people receiving things from the poor,” McNabb said. “I know his intention wasn’t that, but it’s the perception people take from it. It’s disrespectful. You just don’t do that.”

If you are Robert Griffin III why in the world would you take a call from McNabb who essentially called out your family, said Russell Wilson is better than you and called you disrespectful for accepting some $25 wedding gifts?

McNabb wants to be a respected as an analyst, he is going to have to stop making things so personal and realize his time has passed and let these young guys learn on their own.