Fan Allegedly Spit on & Called Scottie Pippen a N*gger, Before Pippen Beat Him Down

Scottie Pippen

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EXCLU Pictures of victim at Nobu after assault by basketball star Scottie Pippen sunday at Nobu. Fight errupted after person asked for autograph June 23, 2013 EXCLUmandatory credit david rohmer/

What are the justifiable reasons to beat someone up?

Very high on the list is being spit on, that is almost an invitation to get punched in the face.  Add on being called a racial slur while holding your child and most reasonable people would say Pippen’s actions were justified.

Here is how it all allegedly went down.

Investigators said a violent argument broke out after an autograph-seeker took photos of Pippen, 47, and his family. The unidentified man was later taken to a hospital with a head injury, investigators said.

But a source said Pippen was the real victim. The fan started the tussle, spit on the ex-athlete and screamed the called him the N-word, the source said, adding that Pippen was holding his 4-year-old daughter at the time.

Fans at times go too far and if Pippen didn’t want to give the fan an autograph while he was eating with his family, the man should have been respectful for that.

How can you be a fan of a player one minute and dropping N-Bombs the next.  Scottie Pippen hasn’t been and shouldn’t be charged with assault, if these details are true, the fan is the one who should be arrested.


19 thoughts on “Fan Allegedly Spit on & Called Scottie Pippen a N*gger, Before Pippen Beat Him Down

  • I completely agree with the viewpoint presented in this article. Fans can be overly ravenous at times. This fan deserved to be assaulted & arrested after starting an altercation. Athletes are human & deserve their privacy just like the rest of us. Scottie Pippen did the right thing.

  • Racism cannot be tolerated

  • Yo, I ‘m all for jacking a a** who spit on me, but it seem like everytime a brother do something stupid he says after, “he called me an n.” I’m sure people called me all sorts of stuff behind my back, but aint no one ever called me an n in front of people in broad daylight, yet it happens all the time to athletes apparently. Sounds to me like Pippen went ham on dude and now has to pay the piper.

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