Inside the Miami Heat’s NBA Championship Celebration (Video)


Yesterday, the Miami Heat celebrated their second consecutive NBA Championship with a party inside the American Airlines Arena at the conclusion of the parade.

The event featured interviews with all of the players (yes, even Jarvis Varnado) and a lot of bad dancing (yes, that means you Pat Riley). It was a great event for the fans that capped off a tremendous season.

Here is a video highlight package I put together from inside the arena.

Boston fans and the Ravens twitter account have had some fun with some pictures of the sparse crowds along the parade route, but for the record, the parade started at the arena and the pictures are from before the buses had even arrived at the official starting point. Any fans that were there were either very savvy or very lost. And as we pointed out earlier, the Heat fans outnumbered the Ravens Fans by 200K.

And the championship parades are 3 to 2 as well.