LeBron James Says “No Homo” in Interview; Never Fined By NBA (Video)

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This has nothing to do with LeBron or Roy Hibbert, this has to do with the hypocrisy of the NBA. They only react to certain situations to make themselves look like they care, when they certainly do not.

They don’t care Roy Hibbert said “No Homo” any more than they did when LeBron said it, but things are different now because with social media everything is magnified 1000x.

It was stupid and juvenile when LeBron said it and stupid when Hibbert said it, but the lesson is in 2013, you can’t say anything even close to controversial because social media will get a hold of it and throw gas on the fire.  In 2010 when LeBron said it social media was growing, but media was slow to adapt to it and something like this went unnoticed.

Athletes you have been put on notice, don’t say anything, just give bland generic answers to everything, it isn’t worth the hassle.

We are in a society that hero worships a below average center who isn’t even employed by a NBA team for deciding he isn’t afraid of his sexuality.  We ignore the fact he lied to his fiancee for eight years and will financially benefit from his decision to come out.  We also ignore the 100s athletes who came before him.

The NBA and David Stern are trying to capitalize off this like they do everything else.  For financial and political reasons.

Don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe….NO HIBBERT.

6 thoughts on “LeBron James Says “No Homo” in Interview; Never Fined By NBA (Video)

  • He also used the word, “m’fe”r, on live TV and that’s enough for a big fine. The gay groups heard the phrase, no-homo, and got on him for that.

    Aside from the curse word, he didn’t say anything offensive.

    This is all about the gay agenda.


  • Remember Kobe Bryant was fined by the NBA for saying the F word.

    • What’s the F Word Though… FUCK?!!? Becuz I HEAR PLAYERS/COACHES Say “FUCK” All of The Time (During Games…) O_o

      • I was going to write a comment that express my distain for your hate of lebron james,then i realized this was actualy a helluva an article.You are right the media and the NBA dont give a care unless it is benefical to them.This has nothing to do with the word “fagit are Homo”.This has to do with an agenda.

        • ..and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with saying Faggot are Homo.A faggot does not define a race are ethnical group of people.It describes a sexual prefrence.Homo is in refrence to homosexuals.that also is a sexual prefrence.Stop being so damn sensitive.Just my opinon.

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