LeBron on Title Clinching Jumper: “It was an MJ Moment”

LeBron James


LeBron James is fresh off of his second NBA title and is living the high life. Silencing the haters for at least the rest of the summer, James left nothing to debate when he clinched the Heat’s second NBA title with this jumper late in the 4th quarter of Game 7.

We let you all know that King James had landed the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated earlier today, and now we have some of the first quotes from the article. One that immediately stood out, is what James admitted about the biggest jumper of his life via ProBasketballTalk.

“I know it wasn’t the magnitude of MJ hitting that shot in ’98, but I definitely thought about him,” James said. “It was an MJ moment.” He paused as a turn of phrase came to mind. “It was an LJ moment.”

It was smart of LeBron to make it clear that it wasn’t Jordan’s shot in ’98, but ultimately I have no issue with him comparing his shot to a MJ moment.

LeBron is aware of all of the comparisons to Jordan that will follow him throughout the rest of his career, and for the most part has seemed to embrace it. The sky is officially the limit for James.

Oh yeah, and I doubt he takes a break for baseball in the middle of this potential dynasty.


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