MLB Issues Subpoenas To AT&T, Tmobile And Fedex For Biogensis Investigation

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MLB has now made things abundantly clear that they are not playing games.

It was reported that Major League Baseball issued subpoenas to AT&T, T-Mobile and FedEx in an attempt to gather more evidence for their investigation on those players tied to the Biogenesis clinic in Miami.

The AP reports via NBC Sports:

The subpoenas were issued May 23, according to a case file in Florida’s Circuit Court for Miami-Dade County, where MLB sued Biogenesis of America, anti-aging clinic head Anthony Bosch and five others in March.

MLB asked Federal Express to turn over shipment records for Biogenesis, Bosch, the other defendants and a long list of individuals who appeared to be affiliated with Bosch.

MLB asked the phone companies for call records, texts and subscriber info for the phones of Juan Carlos Nunez, an associate of outfielder Melky Cabrera who was banned from big league clubhouses last year, and Porter Fischer, who was affiliated with the now-closed anti-aging clinic.

In addition, a subpoena was issued for Biogenesis and related entities in March, seeking records involving major leaguers and 70 banned substances. No players were mentioned by name.

According to the reports none of the companies have moved to challenge the subpoenas, and it’s expected that the complies will hand over records to MLB.

Bosch has also agreed to cooperate with the investigation by singing his tune on who he serviced. With such hefty suspensions expected to be handed down, the subpoenas will help back up MLB’s argument should the Player’s Union move to challenge said suspensions.

There’s about to be hell to pay.