Pacman Jones To Speak To Rookies About Staying Out Of Trouble


When Adam “Pacman” Jones gets up to  be one of the speakers at the NFL Rookie Symposium later this month, his segment should be title, “the pot calling the kettle black.”

The often troubled Jones will be asked again this year to address the rookie class on staying out of trouble according to

Jones was arrested and charged with one count of assault earlier last week after police said he allegedly punched a woman outside of a Downtown bar on June 5 after a Reds game.

Many are wondering if Jones should even be allowed to speak in the wake of those allegations.

NFL Vice President of Player Engagement Troy Vincent said that Jones will remain on the list of speakers for the symposium, which will be held June 23-29 outside Cleveland.

Vincent said Jones’ segment last year was well received by the rookies because it talked about many of the challenges that players face.

Another sticking point for Vincent keeping Jones involved in the engagement, is that Adam Jones’ experiences are real.

“You are not going to trick an athlete. They know when it is dressed up and not real,” Vincent said. “When you can sit among your peers and just talk about your life, someone is learning from that. They can look at him and see themselves from the way they look to where they have originated.”

Jones talked last year about keeping your circle small, and treat everything as a business.

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  • Adam Jones can speak all he wants, only one or two players are going to listen. The rest of them are going to screw up their careers and their money. Best believe me!

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