RG3 Explains Why He Doesn’t “Turn Up” on The DC Club Scene


As long as you aren’t doing anything illegal and your off the field activities aren’t affecting your on the field production, feel free to do whatever the hell you want.

You just have to be smart about it and realize you aren’t Average Joe who works at Home Depot out having a drink, you are an athlete and one false move can cost your career and/or freedom.

Best way to avoid is to avoid the drama is not partake in it, that is what RG3 says he has done during his time in DC.

RGIII explanation of why he doesn’t frequent the bar/club scene of Washington, D.C., like so many other Redskins seem to do.

“I’ve been out in the city I think three times since I’ve been here, as far as the nightlife goes,” Griffin III told Sunni, WPGC’s midday host.

“I try to do as much as I can within the city,” Griffin continued. “But also this offseason has been crazy with the knee injury, so I’ve got to stay focused on that.”

Some people aren’t wired for the club scene, everyone isn’t Rihanna.  If RG3 prefers quiet evenings at home, as oppose to the strip club, more power to him.

Donovan McNabb does not approve this post.