Adrian Peterson Hates Complaints About NFL Pad Rule

Vikings vs. Lions


Adrian Peterson doesn’t take too kindly to his peers complaining about the NFL’s new rule of requiring players to wear thigh and knee pads.  In fact, he even gets a laugh out of it.  In an interview with, Peterson gave further thoughts on the issue.

“I’ll call BS on that.  It’s like, You’re a National Football League player. If a pad that doesn’t weigh but a couple of ounces slows you down, you don’t need to be playing in this league.  Like, come on now. Seriously.  Guys like to be pretty, not wear the thigh pads and knee pads, but it protects you. There have been plenty of times I got hit in my knee and when I had my pants pulled up too high and that pad wasn’t there to protect it. It didn’t feel good. So I make sure I keep my pads pulled down and covering my knee just to be able to protect my body.”

The reigning MVP and member of the 2000 yard rushing club makes a pretty good point.  If he can rush for 2097 yards wearing thigh and knee pads, then other players shouldn’t be slowed down at their respective positions.  At least in his eyes.