Adrian Peterson Says NFL Players Use HGH, But He’s Clean as a Whistle

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Nothing personal against Adrian Peterson, but I don’t trust anyone when it comes to PEDs. Too many athletes have lied in the past.

It is unfortunate it puts a cloud over everyone, but that is just the way it is. You come back from an ACL injury and run for 2000 yards, people are going to be suspicious. It is still innocent until proven guilty, but I don’t think anyone would be shocked if years down the road Peterson or anyone would get caught.

“You’ve got HGH, something that doesn’t show up on a test, and you’ve got guys out there trying to provide for their families,” Peterson said. “They’re going to try to get that edge, get that advantage, especially if they’re not worried about trying to get caught. Yeah, it’s being used.”

“[Testing] will bring a lot of people to light,” Peterson said. “It’ll clear a lot of people, on the outside, their curiosity when it comes to different players. So I’m all-in for it. I don’t worry about those types of supplements, using those, because I’m all natural.

“I work hard. This right here, it’s a test for me personally that I know that, ‘Hey, I’m clean as a whistle,‘ and other guys as well. And then, like I say, it’ll bring some guys to the forefront and be like, ‘Hey, I guess this is how this guy’s been performing so well.'”

Time will tell.