Deion Sanders Says Tracey Edmonds Has Him Whipped

Deion Tracey Edmonds 2

While Prime was going through his divorce to Pilar Sanders he started a relationship with Tracey Edmonds best known for being the Ex-Wife of R&B singer and producer Babyface.

Now, that Deion and Pilar’s divorce is finally final, Prime wants you to know he is head over heels in love courtesy of Jocks and Stiletto Jill.

“Me and Traecy gon’ always be good. I mean Campbell’s soup good, I mean Grandma cooking good. I mean sweet ice tea with some barbecue chips good. I told Tracey, I don’t know what she did to me but she put it down. I said, ‘Baby your plan worked. You put it down.”

All that maybe true, but if they ever get married expect that prenuptial agreement to be airtight.

But, until then……..

2 thoughts on “Deion Sanders Says Tracey Edmonds Has Him Whipped

  • Til its time to get married. Her and Eddie what 5 mins before the wedding. I give them 15

  • I guess the bottomline is that Tracy Edmond’s puzzy is the Bomb…LOL

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