Eagles Bryce Brown Denies Being Involved in Dog Fighting

Bryce Brown Dogfighting

Brown’s dog breeder is under investigating for training pit bulls to dog fight. Brown’s dog was seized by the authorities, but from the beginning everyone was hoping that it was just a misunderstanding and Brown wasn’t involved in anything shady.

That is what he claimed on his Twitter account.

“Anyone interested or so quick to judge me & make nasty comments should know what they’re talking about first. My dog, Eilis, was at Northland Pits being bred with a UKC registered male. Anyone who knows anything about breeding American pitbull terriers should know that has NOTHING to do with fighting. I have never been interested or involved in dog fighting. My family and I love Eilis, and she is a family pet and always has been. I take extreme good care of my pets and anyone who knows me can agree.

“My dog was returned to me quickly because it was obvious that she is not and never has been involved with dog fighting. Northland Pits is a respectable breeder which has unfortunately been the target of anti-breeding groups and “animal rights,” activists who know nothing about what he is doing there, and assume it is related to dog fighting due to the breed of the dogs. He is a victim in this case, just as I am. He takes great care of his dogs and Eilis wouldn’t have been breeding there otherwise.”

Sounds pretty sincere, so I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Can’t say I agree that pit bulls, should be “family dogs”, but his dog doesn’t look like it is ready to go to war.