Mayweather vs Canelo Winner Will Get Solid Gold Belt From WBC


Mayweather vs Canelo is the most anticpated fight in the boxing world and the WBC has chosen to commemorate the event with a custom title belt for the champion.

The championship belt will not be made of all gold of course, but will contain three panels of solid gold. The front plate will resemble the current WBC title and the side panels will feature an American flag and Mexican flag respectively.  There will also be the usual coins on ether side of the belt which will also be made of solid gold.

In my opinion, the WBC will make more than enough money from this fight to afford a belt  10x better than that. I’d be mildly impressed if the belt was completely made of gold, but the weight of the title would be far to heavy to carry and the price probably in the millions. None the less, it would have made a splash and that’s what the WBC is trying to do with this announcement. If Ghostface, a rapper for you that don’t know him, can have a giant golden eagle perched on a wrist cuff a solid gold belt isn’t a reach.

The WBC is behind the trend though with the WBO creating a custom ” Champion of the Decade”  belt for the winner of the Pacquiao vs Marquez fight last December…

Marquez vs Pacquiao


…and the WWE making the Rock a custom title for Wrestlemania.

The Rock WWE Title

Seems as though this is just another unnecessary layer of hype and publicity for the upcoming fight. As long as the fight itself lives up to all of the pre-fight buzz the WBC and Showtime boxing will be satisfied.

3 thoughts on “Mayweather vs Canelo Winner Will Get Solid Gold Belt From WBC

  • Should be great one. Mayweather is showing no signs of slowing down, and Alvarez is a young superstar. Just read an article at and this one will be special.

  • Junior welterweight king Danny Garcia will defend his titles against Argentine slugger Lucas Matthysse on the same card. Stacking great championship fights as supports to megafights is something King did regularly for three decades.

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