Pete Carroll Says Percy Harvin’s Injury May Not be Season Ending



There’s at least one hopeful person in Seahawks camp regarding Percy Harvin’s hip injury, and it just happens to be head coach Pete Carroll. According to CBS Sports, Carroll addressed the media saying that the surgery that Harvin is scheduled to have will definitely cause him to miss some time, but it might not be season ending.

Carroll went on to address Percy’s state of mind about the injury saying:

“He’s really frustrated because he wants to play so bad. It’s killing him not to be out there. But we just have to be really smart about it. And because it’s so early, we have a lot of time, and we’re going to utilize it.”

Carroll also made a comparison to Kam Chancellor explaining:

“Kam Chancellor made it through and he’s okay. So we know that there’s a chance that it could be all right. So we just have to keep our fingers crossed. We’re pretty optimistically minded around here.”

The Seahawks will need all the optimism in the world until Harvin gets his second opinion on Tuesday, as they brought him in to be their #1 receiver, and his on-field skills would translate to a major boost in offensive production. However, let’s not forget the substantial investment they made in Harvin that would be all for not if he is lost for an entire season.