Report: No Teams Want to Trade for Jeremy Lin


Jeremy Lin

If I was one of those type of guys who saved Tweets just to say I told you so (I am not that type of guy, because I am also wrong about a lot things), I would bring up all the people bashing me for Jeremy Lin was just an average player at best ,who caught fire for a month, but was no superstar.

I tried to tell people who no matter your nationality, you have to sustain elite level status to become a superstar and Lin was just a flash in the pan.  I don’t blame Lin at all for cashing out, that is what you are supposed to do when you are hot and GMs think you are the next big thing.

The Rockets have made a lot of shrewd moves over the last year, but overpaying for Lin wasn’t one of them. They are trying to get rid of him, but no one wants to take on that bloated contract for essentially a backup point guard.


  1. Lets wait to see how he plays with Dwight Howard and the pick and roll! Also injuries are a concern now with Lin as well! So lets give him another season and see how it does! Talk to you at the end of next year

  2. Just like it was way to early to call Lin a superstar and give him that extra large contract, I think it’s still too early to say he is just an average, backup point guard. He just came off his first, full season as a starter in the NBA so I’m not ready to throw dirt on him yet. I think he still has the potential to become a good starting PG in the NBA.

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