Von Miller Says He “Absolutely Does Not” Use Marijuana

Von Miller High on Molly 2

Von Miller is sticking to the script in his appeal of his impending four game suspension.

It was reported on Monday that Miller was appealing a four game suspension for violating NFL policy. Since that announcement was made, several alarming reports have surfaced.

It was initially reported that Miller was busted for marijuana use and taking Molly’s.  Then an anonymous teammate ripped Miller, and speculated that Miller has a marijuana addiction.

Miller has finally spoken out about the allegations, and told Yahoo Sports that “he absolutely does not use marijuana.”

Out of respect for the confidentiality of the process, I can’t get into further detail about the situation.That was the message and he stuck to it.

“Absolutely not,” Miller said emphatically.

Miller was asked if he felt that he had let his team down.

“I don’t think I let my teammates down,” Miller said in one of his rare moments of candor. “Everybody has tough moments in their lives. I have great teammates, teammates have been great for me. But out of respect for …”

“The guy who I was yesterday is not the guy I am today; the guy who I was two or three or four years ago is not who I am today,” Miller said. “I’ve done a lot of great stuff in the community, and my teammates done a lot of great stuff in the community. I think we will continue to do the same stuff.”

Miller stated that once the process is finished, he’ll be more candid.  Miller should learn from everything else going in sports, that the best method is to tell the truth and move on.

Tell the truth Von.