Wes Welker compares Manning and Brady to Picasso and Michelangelo


There is nothing like watching someone perform their craft at such a high standard of excellent, that you start comparing them to the creators of classic works of art.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday when USA Today asked Welker to compare Peyton Manning’s throws  to that of his former quarterback Tom Brady.

Welker skipped the normal approach to comparison and came up with something better.

“They’re both spectacular, so I don’t think there’s too much of a difference between them. It’s like comparing Picasso and Michelangelo,” Welker said. “It’s hard to compare the two.”

When asked which artist he prefers, Welker admitted he wasn’t much of a historian.

“You know what? I couldn’t even tell you,” Welker said. “Somebody threw those names at me one time, and I thought it sounded pretty good.”