Brett Favre on 2010 NFC Championship Game INT: ‘I Choked’


Former Minnesota Vikings QB Sage Rosenfels wrote an article after the Vikings OT loss to the New Orleans Saints in the 2010 NFC Championship game.  The piece was published by the MMQB, today.  In it, Rosenfels reveals what Brett Favre said to him on the sideline before the start of overtime.

The referees and team captains went out for the coin toss to start overtime, and I got up to see who won possession. Brett didn’t even bother. He didn’t have the energy, and I think he was still in shock from the interception. After the Saints won the toss, I walked back over and sat next to him. He turned to me and said “I choked.” 

Despite being known for the INT and later bounty gate, Favre did play a pretty good game, which was overshadowed, and rightfully so, by the most important play of the game.

It’s interesting that Sage Rosenfels would choose to publish the article now.  He recently retired last month, so he may be looking for a media job.